No one has ever encountered MegaCorp’s custodial engineer. He works during an interim of isolation, never wondering why he has not seen another human being since birth. This is because he is unaware of the existence of other human beings. His life consists of interactions with electronic trash cans that talk and papers that have been embedded with importance. He is unaware of the trash cans’ ability to speak because they only thank people for depositing trash into them rather than for emptying their trash into a bin for disposal. The custodial engineer is unaware of the papers’ importance because they lack the ability to speak. The employees suspect the custodial engineer’s existence but are uncertain of it. Some are firm believers while others are skeptics. The only proof of his existence are the empty conditions of their trash cans in the morning and the important documents that are missing from the top of their desks. At least they think the morning is the morning. They lack the means to determine this due to MegaCorp’s policy against windows. Regardless of this, they believe they know when it is morning and when it is late afternoon. The custodial engineer does not believe the morning is the morning and the afternoon is the afternoon. He is unfamiliar with the concept of time. His shift never ends. While the employees are working, he continues to empty talking trash cans and remove papers that have been embedded with importance. The simultaneous nature of the employees’ shifts and the phenomenon of never crossing paths with the custodial engineer is a mystery the employees have been unable to solve and the custodial engineer has been unable to conceive of. The custodial engineer’s name is Robert.

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